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The cost of our service is quoted prior to commencement of the cooperation and is periodically reviewed, should any changes occur. The quotation is prepared individually and is based on your parameters and requirements, specifically:

Cover time

The service price is based on the number of hours per week when the agents are ready to take calls on your behalf. The price is also affected by the chosen time of day and days of week, when we are accepting calls; covering business hours is less expensive than evening or night hours; covering week days is less expensive than covering weekends.

Expected call volume

Anticipated call volume is an important factor for quotation preparation. As the anticipated number of contacts increase, the cost per individual contact is lower.

Type of service

The cost is also determined by type of service that you require. Less demanding services mean lower costs; accepting a sales order carries a much lower value than tech support, which requires an agent with specific expertise.

We will be pleased to answer any other questions you may have. Let an agreement for a more detailed presentation become our common step towards a successful business solution.