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  • What kind of service can we provide?

    Providing general information

    Call centre agents give information to your customer in relation to your products and services. They can offer a variety of information, including business hours and contact details, product or service features through to the conditions of sale and details of sales promotion campaigns.

    Receiving of excess calls

    We make sure that your excess calls do not become missed calls. If your line is busy or unavailable, our agents take the call on your behalf and notify the appropriate person in your office.

    Technical support

    Many technical issues have a simple solution that can be handled over the phone or via the internet. We will take care of them, whilst routing other more demanding queries to your experts.

    After sale activities (follow-up calls)

    Following larger purchases, we can contact your customers to check their satisfaction and inform you of their responses. If there is further assistance needed, we can offer additional services, such as assistance with assembly or general usage advice.

    Problem report

    Call centre Odmev is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service is therefore especially suitable for maintenance and intervention businesses, which can now offer their customers a 24/7 problem report service. We ensure a quick solution by tracking and monitoring the service intervention.

    Outsourced secretarial

    On behalf of our clients, we can assist in organising meetings, take calls in the case of unreachable executives and route calls to appropriate persons.

    Accepting orders

    We can accept orders on your behalf, as well as provide information about services or products. Our agents can also lead your customer through online sale processes or help organise a delivery.

    Assistance in the event of late payment reminders

    Reminding customers of overdue debts is rather unpleasant, so companies often decide to send a formal letter of notice. Our agents can help you by politely but persuasivley reminding them by phone, which is quicker, more personal and therefore a more efficient and effective method than sending letters. It gives you the possibility to present your company in a positive manner despite the unpleasant task.

    Dispatching centre

    We can organise the dispatch of your workforce or equipment to the appropriate site or location. This service is particularly suitable for fast shipment or food deliveries, taxi services or online stores.

    Mystery shopping

    In addition to communicating, our agents can verify and validate the professionalism, kindness, propriety and efficiency of staff coming into direct or indirect contact with your customers (salesmen, consultants, technical support department, reclamation department ...).

    Direct marketing

    We can assist our clients by planning and implementing various sales actions and research, important for short or long term sales promotions. Our call centre can take over cold calling as well as hot calling projects and provide a suitable contact base, if required.


    We offer help with marketing, competition, brand and product research. The information is gathered via computer supported telephony, also known as CATI.

    Appointment service, outsourced reception

    Our contact centre can set up an online appointment diary and create and edit bookings and reservations as an outsourced reception. We can take care of wide range of services - everything from arranging doctors and dentists appointments to bookings in restaurants and travel agencies.

    Your vision – our guide

    The market integrates companies of multiple activities, but the distinguishing characteristics of each contribute to building a successful business. Communication with your customers is therefore designed in accordance with the specifics of your company, which dictate the solution, tailored to meet your needs. Due to the proficiency of our agents and the unlimited possibilities of our own software support, Odmev can simply be transformed into the contact centre to comply with your demands.


  • What kind of contact can we process?

    Inbound calls

    Outsourced call centre Odmev can take your incoming calls in a manner that best meets the requirements of your company. Our agents can take all your calls, only your excess calls, calls outside of your working hours or when your line is busy. The timing and extent of the service is thus individually created, in accordance with your instructions.

    Outbound calls

    Our agents can make different types of outgoing calls on behalf of your company in order to confirm customer satisfaction, inform them of special offers and invite them to different events, do telemarketing and short surveys, or for almost any other purpose. These services can be performed continuously or periodically to support campaigns and promotions or to assist maintaining contact with a large customer base.


    Our agents have a rich vocabulary and are skilled in grammar. They are capable of designing a friendly and grammatically flawless message from just a simple technical note, short instructions or data. When replying to an e-mail, they can use your email address, their response can contain your company’s name and logo and communicate with your customer as if they were your employees. In addition to a high level of communication, we can also provide a better response due to our dedicated equipment and controlled work processes.


    Even though the fax is no longer greatly used as a communication channel, it is important to offer the customer this type of contact with your company as well. Your fax messages can be received by our agents, who forward them to you via e-mail. This way you avoid storing and working with physical documents and save the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own equipment.

    Online communication

    Contact centre Odmev offers your company’s customers various types of online communication. We can edit your social media accounts and quickly reply to the questions and comments of the visitors to your web site, which allows a direct contact and a more personal relationship between your company and the customers. Additionally, our agents can also accept contact via other types of online communication channels.

    Call back button

    We can respond to the inquiry of our client’s web-site visitor and contact him. Calls outside working hours and missed calls can also be recorded and returned.


    Our clients’ customers can communicate with our agents also via text messages. The service is particularly suitable for the rapid and brief exchange of information, which does not require long explanations, such as reminders, information, check-outs and cancellations.


  • When can we accept contacts?

    Timing and extent of communication with the customer is designed according to the client’s requirements and is carried out in accordance with his instructions. We can accept contacts:


    Call centre Odmev is available 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, 365 days per year.

    Outside working hours

    Our agents continue to work, when the workday of our client’s employees ends, including weekends and holidays.

    During working hours

    Call agents can take contacts only during the client’s working hours.

    On overflow

    Odmev will receive contacts whenever a client receives more contacts than he can handle.

    Ad hoc

    We can adapt to any specific need and clients that require support only occasionally or infrequently, exceptionally or on special terms.