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The need for the outsourced contact or call centre solution is widespread and accepted over many years. Major benefits contributing to this need are:

Cost efficiency

Agents are fully utilised, which means lower cost per contact. The client does not need to invest heavily in hardware, software and personnel.


The work of our experienced and well educated permanently employed agents is performed under the supervision of team leaders and the Call Centre manager. The use of knowledge bases, continuing education, performance measurement and statistical reviews are all increasing the level of professionalism.

Better coverage

The possibility to offer 24 hour, 7 days a week and 365 days per year response, irrespective of the working hours of the client’s company.

Time saving

Planning, managing and maintaining a call centre are demanding and time consuming tasks. With an outsourced call centre, the client gains valuable time for his primary business and his employees are able to focus on their primary responsibilities.

Call overview

Dedicated equipment with our own software solutions for accurate call documenting, call recording and statistical report producing is used. This enables our clients to receive a complete overview of the business communications with their customers.