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  • Who we are

    Odmev is a registered trademark of GROM Information Solutions Ltd.
    It is a modern and efficient call centre: your incoming and outgoing calls, faxes, text messages and e-mails can be handled by our agents. It is designed as a quality, cost-effective alternative to a company's own call centre, where your customer is unaware that he is not contacting you directly.
    We are a forward-thinking, ambitious company, open to new approaches and technologies. Our values are based on high work quality, precision, flexibility and cooperation.
    The company was established in 2001, as the first outsourced call centre for inbound calls in Slovenia.
    Today, after fifteen years of business, we are one of the leading companies in the field of call centre services and solutions. We are proud of our extensive range of services, satisfied business partners and our established market position.
  • Capacity

    Call centre Odmev covers all communication channels, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our clients' customers can make contact whenever and however they wish.

    We utilise our own software for recording calls, client information and report production, our own telephone, mail and web servers and VoIP and GSM gateways. Our software and equipment can be customised to satisfy the client’s needs.
    There are more than 200 telephone numbers and 60 voice channels available. In addition to the primary conduit there are SIP trunks of various Slovenian and foreign VoIP telephony providers connected.
    The telephone server supports virtually all known protocols, including ISDN, SIP, H.323 and IAX. The client’s applications can be accessed via VPN connection (IPSec), remote desktop (RDP, Citrix), or through a password and certificate protected Internet connection (https).
    We have 26 fully equipped workspaces and 22 regular call agents, who take inbound and make outbound calls. For major projects they are assisted by external associates. The majority of our team are permanently employed staff.
    Every month we handle more than 33,000 calls and about 1,000 e-mails . For campaigns, we can also make up to 4,000 calls a day.
  • Philosophy

    Our aim is for you to perceive our call centre as a high quality and price-efficient alternative to your own call centre; we seek to achieve this with our consistently high standards and professional approach. We follow two main objectives:

    1. A higher communication level with better accessibility and responsiveness than the client can provide in-house.

    This is achieved by carefully selecting our employees, frequent staff training, both internal and external, monitoring and supervision of the work quality and an appropriate remuneration system for work successes. Unlike the client's employees all our agents are focused solely on communicating with customers and are therefore able to afford them the attention they deserve.

    2. Price-efficiency and lower costs for the client in comparison to the maintenance of his own call centre.

    The second objective is achieved by making our team of agents available to more clients at the same time - therefore the cost of premises, equipment, training and, most importantly, the agent inactivity time are shared among multiple clients. Compared with the maintenance of his own call centre, each client can lower his costs by up to 80%, depending on the volume of calls.

  • Company details

    Call centre Odmev
    GROM informacijske rešitve d.o.o.

    Barjanska 58c
    SI-1000 Ljubljana

    VAT reg. no.: SI27579956
    Registration number: 2236621000

    Bank account: 03134-1000392705, at SKB d.d.

    Telephone: +386 1 420 5 900
    Fax: +386 1 420 5 910

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Internet: www.odmev.si