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How do we introduce ourselves when answering the client's calls? 

Because Odmev is an extension of the client’s business, our agents introduce themselves in the same manner as members of the client’s staff. The customers will not be aware that the call is being answered by us.

How do we know which client is the call for?

Each client has his own, unique telephone number. The dialled number of every call is checked and allocated to the specific client by the central phone server. The client’s company name and his specified welcome dialogue are displayed on the phone and the screen of the agent’s workstation.

What happens with the calls outside the selected availability time?

Outside the selected availability time, callers are played an information recording with content based on client’s requirement. This can be, for example, the welcome dialogue with information relating to business hours. The customer can also be offered an option to leave a message or we can transfer the call to the client’s duty staff.

Is there a privacy policy?

Any information received by the call centre Odmev from either the client or the client’s customers is treated as strictly private and confidential and will only be used by us for the purpose of performing our contracted duties. This information will not be made available in any way, shape or form to any third party, unless written instructions are received to the contrary from an authorised staff member of the client.

How do we ensure a quality service?

High-tech dedicated equipment and carefully selected permanent call agents are the foundation, on which the quality of our service is built. Call centre Odmev utilises its own software for call recording, providing information and producing reports. We also operate with high-tech telephone, mail and web servers and VoIP and GSM gateways. Our call agents are skilled in communication, computer literate, proficient and educated. Their work takes place in one location, under the supervision of experienced team leaders and call centre manager.

Is it possible to transfer multiple business units within one contract?

All of the client’s incoming and outgoing calls are being conducted through his own telephone number. Several departments or business units can be easily transferred to this number.

What kind of equipment is needed to use your services?

Transferring excess calls is simply set up by the vast majority of today's telephones and switchboards with no additional equipment or investments needed.

What do the monthly reports contain?

Each client receives monthly a substantive and a statistic report. All the recorded data exported from the CRM application constitute the substantive report, while the statistic report contains the number of calls and faxes, talk times and the average values.

How is the data transmission conducted?

At the beginning of the cooperation each client is assigned to an administrator, who instructs and informs the call agents. All the general company data and requirements about call transferring, availability time, communication channels used and method of informing have to be provided to him by the client to ensure the maximum quality of the service. The administrator is also responsible for all further communication about potential changes and additional client instructions.

What are the costs of the call centre services?

The cost of service is quoted and agreed prior to commencement of the contract, which allows for periodical adjustments in case the circumstances change. The quotation is prepared individually, based upon the client’s specific parameters and requirements.

In setting the price the following is considered:
- the cover time (basic, extended or 24/7 availability),
- the expected time volume (the cost per individual contact decreases with the increasing number of contacts) and
- the type of service (complex services are valued differently than a mere communication of general information).

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